About Us

At Liana Medic, we’re on a mission to provide a single place for people to find all the health-related products and supplements they need, from every-day home health accessories to sports nutrition and wellness supplements and more.

Our goal is to provide a large selection of medical supplies products with the convenience of online shopping and customer service that’s second to none. We aim to help our customers find the information they need to make informed decisions, and the products they need all in one place.

We work hard to understand the needs of our clientele, from the mother looking to buy health accessories for an aging parent to the athlete searching for the supplements that are going to take her game to the next level.

Some of our clients  are looking for products that help make their home more comfortable for a family member in need while others are looking for supplements that allow them to push harder in the gym.

And within these two very different types of clients, we also know that not every customer has the same requirements. This is why we provide a wide array of choices for every type of need. Some look for quality at any cost while others seek products they can depend on that won’t break the bank.

Our large variety of medical supplies will provide you with everything you need. We carry supplies that you can’t find at your average pharmacy or convenience store. We specialize in durable medical supplies and home health aids. Our goal is to help you achieve greater independence and a better quality of life.

We provide medical supplies to doctors, physician assistants, nurses, home-healthcare providers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, caregivers, anyone working in geriatric care, skilled nursing facilities, assisted-living communities, continuing care facilities, senior housing developments and anyone concerned with home safety.




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