Liana Medic LTD Announces Assets Acquisition of Singapore Medical Store

The acquisition adds respiratory care products to the comprehensive selection of medical equipment offered by Liana Medic., an internationally respected distributor of medical equipment ranging from ophthalmology equipment to cosmetic laser machinery and mobility aids, has just announced that it will acquire a substantial portion of the assets of Singapore Medical Store. This move will extend the product catalog of medical equipment offered by Liana Medic, further securing its position as a leading player in the global field of medical supply sales and distribution.

“The assets acquisition of Singapore Medical Store is something we feel compliments and expands Liana Medic’s portfolio of medical equipment to better serve our customers,” said Jason Hughes of Liana Medic.

Liana Medic strives to bring the “convenience of online shopping” to the highly specialized world of medical equipment sales. Whether a hospital is seeking competitive pricing on a new ultrasound machine or a private citizen is searching for tools that can help them provide in-home care for an elderly relative, Liana Medic is committed to meeting the needs of each and every client.

Prior to the acquisition of the Singapore Medical Store’s catalog of respiratory care products, Liana Medic lacked an adequate range of these specialized devices to provide the level of care many of its clients sought. The company had thus been diligently searching for the opportunity for a partnership or acquisition for many months. With this acquisition, Liana Medic can deepen its dedication to meet the requirements of all its clients, even when they “know that not every customer has the same requirements.”

Liana Medic is well known as a distributor of the sensitive equipment needed by medical specialists, such as the endoscopes needed by oncologists or the imaging equipment required by OB/GYNs. The company also, however, sells a great deal of medical supplies and equipment directly to the general public and even to governmental and military clients. Liana Medic offers customers a wide variety of motorized wheelchairs, mobility aids and essential devices such as defibrillators and various biometric monitors needed for military and other official applications.

To learn more about Liana Medic and their selection of medical equipment, please visit for further information.

About Liana Medic LTD

From its headquarters in Singapore, Liana Medic serves the medical community worldwide, shipping competitively priced, top-quality medical equipment and supplies to hospitals, clinics, private practices, and individual clients all around the globe. Their commitment to bring the “convenience of online shopping” to the often-complicated arena of medical supplies distribution has set them apart from the competition.

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