Liana Medic Ltd a distributor of medical products At The Best Price

 Liana Medic , a distributor of medical devices and related medical
solutions, announced that it has signed an agreement to purchase
substantially all of the assets of Singapore Medical Store., a distributor
of medical products.With the addition of the Singapore Medical Store
product line, Liana Medic will now offer solutions to offering high
quality Dental Equipments, ophthalmology equipment, and cosmetic laser
machine at a price that is as much as 30%-50% off the new retail cost

Liana Medic will differentiate ourselves by adding value through our
distribution strategy and channels, and our comprehensive product lines
and programs that make working with us incredibly easy. We are uniquely
positioned to gain market share in this segment due to our corporate
account relationships, our ability to build a regional (ultimately
national) field clinical sales team quickly, and our ability to create
compelling marketing programs. The competition is largely smaller, more
local distributors and pharmacists who are not approaching this market in
a sophisticated or coordinated way.

At, we offer you quality cosmetic laser machine at a price
that is as much as 30%-50% off the new retail cost. We sell from Syneron,
Cutera, Candela, Lumenis, Aesthera and many more.. we are wholesale of
cosmetic laser including aesthetic equipment

“Liana Medic has partnered with the government, university, military for
over 30 years, with an emphasis on advancing resuscitation and critical
care technology,” said Jona Ayu, President of Liana Medic. “Impact’s
strong alignment with Liana Medic’s existing sales channel allows us to
further expand our efforts to provide products known for the highest
reliability in clinical performance and versatility to those serving in
the military.”

Our mission is simple: To empower our customers with the cost-effective
quality Medical Equipment and materials they need to improve their health
and well-being. Liana Medic has earned the reputation of being one the
most respected and dependable suppliers of medical equipment in the world

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